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Shaw University Announces Travis Mitchell as Commencement Speaker

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Shaw University Announces Travis Mitchell as Commencement Speaker
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University returns to limited attendance, in-person graduation

Today President Paulette Dillard announces that Shaw University has selected Travis Mitchell as the University’s 2021 Commencement speaker. Shaw University will hold a limited attendance, in-person graduation on May 8, 2021.

Mr. Mitchell grew up on the campus of Shaw University with a father that was a Shaw Hall of Fame player and basketball coach, an aunt that was an administrator, and an uncle that served on the Board of Trustees. Many family members, including his mother, have graduated from Shaw University. And most recently he was the Co-Executive Producer of the Emmy award-winning historical documentary of Shaw University, Shaw Rising.

Travis Mitchell joined Maryland Public Television (MPT) in early 2020 to oversee all content created, acquired, and aired on the statewide public television network’s TV channels and online properties. Prior to MPT, Mr. Mitchell served as chief content officer for the University of North Carolina Television (UNC-TV). He also served as executive vice president and chief operating officer for the Atlanta-based Black Family Channel, where he drove the channel’s distribution growth from availability in two cities to over 3,600 cities, 48 states, and 31 million homes while managing affiliate sales, advertising, programming, and launching sports and news divisions.

“Travis Mitchell’s strong family ties and his relentless work and success producing Shaw Rising made Mr. Mitchell the obvious choice for this year’s commencement speaker,” stated Dr. Paulette Dillard, President and CEO of Shaw University. “Mr. Mitchell embodies both the historical significance of Shaw University and an example of leading today with excellence in his field. Our graduating seniors will be well-served hearing his charge.”

“I am honored to have the privilege of delivering this year’s Commencement Address to Shaw University’s Class of 2021,” said Travis Mitchell. “I want to thank President Dillard and the Board of Trustees of Shaw for entrusting me with this sacred responsibility to speak into the lives of our nation’s next generation of leaders.”

Shaw University will hold two in-person commencements at the Raleigh Convention Center, 500 S. Salisbury St., Raleigh, on May 8, 2021 at 9:00 am for the School of Arts, Sciences, and Humanities and at 12:00 pm for the School of Business and Professional Studies and the Divinity School. Both events will adhere to COVID-19 guidance with masks and social distancing required. In addition, attendance will be limited according to State of North Carolina guidelines, and tickets are required.

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