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Shaw University Oral History Project
Shaw University - In My Words
Shaw University Oral History Project invites alumni to share their stories about their time as a Shaw University graduate.  

Shaw University alumni “You are invited to tell your story.”

Shaw University alumni are invited to share their stories about their time as a Shaw University graduate.  The project called “In my words” will help to preserve the rich history of our beloved institution, as told by those who lived it. YOU!

You may have received mail and postcard communications from the facilitators, Publishing Concepts, Inc (PCI) team with instructions on how to participate. For more information you may click here —> Shaw University Oral History Project

Please do not miss this opportunity to tell your “Bear” story, and to capture memories of favorite professors and classmates.

With more than 20,000 alumni, staff, and faculty what better way to recognize our university community and the special memories we made.

Q/A: We have collaborated with Publishing Concepts, Inc. (PCI) to create a book that shares the history of our “Bear-y special” alumni. This is the same company that captured alumni information for the 2020 recent “alumni directory”.

Q/A: You will receive both postcards and emails from us and from PCI confirming the start of the project (scheduled for November 2022).

Q/A: PCI team members will be ready to hear you share your personal story and take part in this “first of its kind” project to honor your experiences here at Shaw University.

Q/A: PCI will collect and assemble the stories into a memory book, which can be purchased both digitally and printed.

Q/A: DO I have to purchase the book – No, you do not. But it will be available for purchase. There will also be “Shaw Bear” alumni branded merchandise available for purchase as well.

Q/A: We will use this opportunity to update our records – gather new emails, phone numbers and addresses and accept any contributions over the phone.

If you have any questions contact Institutional Advancement at
(919) 719-2276 (Elsa Silverman)

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