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The ShawU District: Pathway to Possibilities
ShawU district

Dear ShawU Nation,

We want to share some exciting news with you about the future aspirations for our beloved campus. Over the past couple of years, our leaders and campus planning committee have invited input about the best way to position the university, moving forward. If you have not attended any of the outreach meetings, we want to quickly bring you up to speed. 

As a first step toward reimagining the possibilities for our campus, Shaw University has submitted a Rezoning Request to the City of Raleigh. If approved, that means we can revisit the design, height, and use of facilities on our campus to reinvest in our infrastructure and to better equip our students, faculty, and staff for success. We’re pleased to share this first step with you and look forward to keeping you informed as the process moves forward. Here is more information about what will be called: The ShawU District. 

About The ShawU District:

  • The ShawU District rezoning request aligns with the realities of exponential growth and expansion in the Downtown Raleigh area. To position the University for long-term and sustainable growth, Shaw will negotiate with potential partners from a position of ownership and strength to modernize the campus – onward and upward!
  • Situated on 27 acres adjacent to the heart of Downtown Raleigh on our main campus, The ShawU District rezoning request is a first step toward taking a comprehensive look at the university’s campus as a whole, to determine how best to preserve our historic properties and reimagine existing university facilities to attract students, faculty, staff; diversify revenue streams beyond tuition dollars; and weave the university more tightly into the fabric of the Downtown Raleigh community.
  • In homage to the rich history of Shaw University, more than $2 million has already been pursued and secured to preserve several historic buildings and structures on campus (i.e., Estey, Tupper, Tyler, and Leonard Halls), which represent iconic cornerstones of the campus and its contributions to the community.
  • Set in Downtown Raleigh, The ShawU District will be a place to live, learn, work, eat, and thrive. Its potential development represents an opportunity for us to maintain our presence in the community and leverage the existing infrastructure of Shaw University, along with private and public investment, into a 21st century model of economic excellence and a powerhouse for good.
  • By maintaining ownership of the property, controlling the development, and remaining in its current location, The ShawU District business model allows additional funding and resources derived from development partnerships to strengthen the University and its ability to reinvest in its students, infrastructure, and the overall campus community.

For more information on The ShawU District, visit:

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We want to share some exciting news with you about the future aspirations for our beloved campus.
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