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We are excited to have the following faculty as part of our sleuth!

Full Time

  • Dr. Donna Abrams
  • Dr. Lynda Bowers
  • Mr. Narciso Bowman
  • Dr. Benjamin Branch

Part Time

  • Dr. Gerald Anderson
  • Mr. James Brown
  • Dr. Chester Charles 
  • Dr. Darrell Ezell
  • Mr. Jason Franklin
  • Mr. Matthew Gargano
  • Dr. Gregory Hardy
  • Mr. Craig Hatler
  • Mr. Fields Jackson Jr.
  • Dr. Seth Klayman

  • Dr. Moira Marquis
  • Mr. Hanif Omar
  • Mr. Sterling Porter II 
  • Ms. Barbara Powell-Jackson
  • Mrs. Laura Price
  • Dr. Portia Rochelle
  • Mr. Devon Smith
  • Dr. Kelli Uitenham

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