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Rezoning Approved for The ShawU District!
On Tuesday, June 20, the Raleigh City Council voted 5-3 in favor of approving Shaw University's application for rezoning for a campus redevelopment that will be designated The ShawU District.

Shaw University President Dr. Paulette Dillard said: “First, thank you to all the individuals who came out in support of Shaw University. We are pleased with the Raleigh City Council’s decision to approve Shaw University’s rezoning application for The ShawU District. This outcome reflects a recognition of the University’s commitment to education and retaining and attracting new students – and the importance of progress, innovation, and growth. We look forward to continuing our mission of providing a quality education for our students while fostering positive relationships with our neighbors and the city of Raleigh.”

For more than 157 years, Shaw University has led the way as a pioneering institution for students with limited access to higher education and has paved the way to upward mobility for generations of students from traditionally underserved communities. Rezoning for The ShawU District will honor that legacy, attract and retain new students, better equip faculty & staff, improve facilities, attract investments, and increase the university’s overall value to current students, alumni, and community partners.

“The ShawU District – owned and controlled by the University – envisions and reimagines the campus and its facilities to model a new era of HBCU innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship for students. By leveraging our legacy and maximizing our potential, Shaw University will empower and equip new generations of learners and leaders, while deepening our roots and securing our future as an anchor in Downtown Raleigh,” Dillard said. 

Shaw University, located in Raleigh, North Carolina, is the first historically Black institution of higher education founded in North Carolina and is among the oldest in the nation. The University was founded in 1865 by Henry Martin Tupper. Dr. Paulette Dillard currently serves as the University’s 18th President. For more information, visit:

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