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Shaw University Recognizes HBTI Presidential/Deans Fellows

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Shaw University Recognizes HBTI Presidential/Deans Fellows
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Presidential/Deans Fellows Kathlene Judd and Yuri Yamamoto will help advance the mission of Shaw University Divinity School

Shaw University Divinity School (SUDS) is excited to announce scholarships to two Historically Black Theological Institutions (HBTI) Presidential/Deans Fellows, Kathlene Judd and Yuri Yamamoto.

“Shaw University is extremely proud to award Kathlene and Yuri with these scholarships,” said Dr. Paulette Dillard, President of Shaw University. “These scholars represent the high caliber of students in our Divinity program and embody the University’s commitment to exemplary achievement.”

“The Divinity School is excited to present these outstanding students with scholarships that will help to continue their dedicated work,” said Dr. Johnny Hill, Dean of the Divinity School. “We are proud to equip these students with the tools they need to expand the ministry, engage with our community and develop programs within the Divinity School.”

Kathlene Judd

Yuri Yamamoto

“Attending Shaw University Divinity School is one of the best decisions of my life,” Kathlene Judd said. “SUDS is a special place where questions are welcome and people are free to challenge, think, and grow. It is a special honor to work with an institution that has contributed so much to the community as a Presidential Fellow.” 

“I am excited about being a Presidential/Deans Fellow because this will be my opportunity to spread the amazing things we are doing and to give back to the school,” Yuri Yamamoto said. “I truly believe that Black Theological Education and Black Church have unique gifts to offer for healing and liberation of the wider world.”

Judd and Yamamoto will work with the Shaw University Divinity School Dean, Dr. Johnny B. Hill, in various capacities, raising awareness of SUDS and engaging with the community. The fellowships are approximately one year long.

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