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Shaw Wins Fourth Straight CIAA Women’s Tennis Title

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Shaw Wins Fourth Straight CIAA Women’s Tennis Title
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Shaw U Wins Fourth Straight CIAA Womens Tennis

Ettrick, VA – 
The Shaw University women’s tennis team added its name to the history books capturing the 2022 CIAA Championship in dominating fashion over 4-0 over Johnson C. Smith University Saturday afternoon on the campus of Virginia State. 

The win gave Shaw their fourth straight CIAA title in women’s tennis which is the first four-peat in program history. 

The Lady Bears will now await their NCAA tournament fate with the selection show scheduled for Tuesday, May 3 at 8:30 pm. 

Championship match results:

Shaw 4, Johnson C. Smith 0

Singles competition:

  1. Dana Moreno (SHAW) def. MiSSICK,Shaytonya (JCSU) 6-1, 6-0
  2. Michelle Blaha (SHAW) def. RAGINS,Kyndall (JCSU) 6-3, 6-2
  3. Kundai Manyonga (SHAW) vs. MOYANA,Chengeto (JCSU) 4-6, 2-0, unfinished
  4. Chetna Kumari (SHAW) vs. PROFETT-BROOKS,Taylo (JCSU) 3-6, 3-1, unfinished
  5. Shaloom Delgado (SHAW) vs. TURNER,Cierra (JCSU) 7-5, 3-0, unfinished
  6. Anja Antoijevic (SHAW) def. HEWITT,Sanaa (JCSU) 6-2, 6-1

Doubles competition:

  1. Dana Moreno / Michelle Blaha (SHAW) def. MOYANA,Chengeto/PROFETT-BROOKS,Taylo (JCSU) 6-1
  2. Sevval Ozseker/ Anja Antoijevic (SHAW) vs. RAGINS,Kyndall/TURNER,Cierra (JCSU) 4-1, unfinished
  3. Kundai Manyonga / Chetna Kumari (SHAW) def. MiSSICK,Shaytonya/HEWITT,Sanaa (JCSU) 6-0
Shaw Blanks WSSU 4-0, Advances to CIAA Championship

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