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This is ShawU: August Recap
Mariah-Joi-Williams-Student-Government-Association-President _ Student-Trustee
Mariah Joi Williams, Student Government Association President, Student Trustee

By: Mariah Williams
Sunday, August 27th, 2023

The 2023-2024 academic school year has been full of energy and excitement, and it’s only August! 

Friday, August 4th, 2023, kicked things off with New Student Orientation. The Peer Orientation Mentors (POMs) welcomed the new Bears to the Shaw U family. They are serving as not only mentors – but big brothers and sisters as well – to help the incoming Freshmen and transfer students get acclimated to life on and around the campus of Shaw University. Scholars got the opportunity to speak with administrators, faculty, and staff about campus safety, academics, student activities, and more while making meaningful connections early on in their collegiate careers. 

But wait — there’s more! 

Saturday, August 5th, 2023, to Saturday, August 12th was the “Season Premier” of Week of Welcome (W.O.W.), hosted by the Student Activities Board (SAB). The festivities included a Yard Party, Worship Service, Game Night, Mall Trip, Cookout, Karaoke, Trap and Paint, and a Mystery Bus. The “mystery” was later revealed to be a trip to Kings Dominion in Virginia, and the students who took a gamble on the surprise had an amazing time. These events were designed to keep scholars engaged, and the mission was to bring in the Fall Semester the right way… mission accomplished!

Don’t be fooled by the turn-up, Shaw Bears also know how to work hard and handle business. This year’s Student Government Association Soldier Administration had their Special Elections to fill any open positions. The battle was on for positions such as Homecoming King and Queen, Junior Class President, Mister Freshman, and more. Elections week was filled with ingenious campaigns and events that allowed candidates to elucidate their plans for their specific positions. Overall, every candidate did a phenomenal job and should be extremely proud of themselves. Congratulations to the newly elected members of The Soldier Administration. 

If you missed out on any of these events, don’t worry … this is only the beginning. This month alone has set the tone for the school year, and the best is yet to come. With that being said, keep that same energy Shaw U Bears, and have a great school year! 

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